Blast From The Past by J E Fishman

Blast From The PastNew York City, almost ten years from the day that Triangle Flight 699 exploded. Federal investigators have always deemed it a tragic accident but some people believe it was more than that. NYPD dog handler Keiran Lehane is one of those people, and when his dog alerts – i.e. detects a whiff of explosive – on someone at a review hearing, he finally has a lead that he can follow.

But as events escalate, it seems that while Lehane’s suspicions seem justified, some people seem to be actively blocking his investigation, with at least one person willing to go to any measures to silence him. And with plans afoot to repeat the tragedy on its anniversary, can one man possibly stop another disaster?

Okay, before we start, don’t judge the book by its cover. Because that’s a pretty awful cover, and this isn’t an awful book by any means.

It’s actually a good fast-moving thriller. As the author points out, 99% of bomb squad activity is routine that wouldn’t interest the reader (or the author) so this is a book that sets out to deliberately entertain. It’s fast moving, not getting too bogged down with realism – the whole thing is set over a few days but in terms of the amount of things happening? – and the lead is entertaining company – driven but still a normal human being. He does have a stunning habit of making his friends forgive him for his seemingly irrational behaviour, but this isn’t an deep introspective character piece – it’s a thriller. The overall plot is multi-layered and keeps moving forward, taking the tale in a few unexpected directions, before tying everything up neatly for the conclusion.

Not in any sense a mystery – not that it tries to be – but there is at least one surprise on the bad guy side. If you’re in the mood for a fast-paced thriller, however, you could do a lot worse than look this way.


  1. I’m learning more and more about the self-publishing business from reading a lot of your reviews of new books. After looking up who and what J. E. Fishman is all about I found an article he wrote about how he started his own publishing company – Verbitrage, LLC. He just taught me a lot about how to fund and start your own LLC. Pretty Sinister Books as a publishing entity is that much closer to a reality.


    • Good news, John ! Most of the books reviewed by you are obscure and very difficult to obtain. Hence I was disgusted with your blog site . Now hopefully, you will yourself start publishing these books !


      • I think disgusted is the wrong word. Disappointed perhaps, but John does an excellent job of bringing books to my attention that I never knew existed. It gives me something to keep an eye out for at book fairs, in second hand shops or on eBay.


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