There May Be Danger by Ianthe Jerrold

There May Be DangerThe bombs are falling on London and Kate Mayhew, a frustrated theatrical type, decided that she’s going to head for the countryside – not for fear of her life, but her head has been turned by a cry for help. Young Sidney Brentwood has disappeared in the Welsh countryside and Kate is determined to find him.

On arriving, it seems that nobody has a clue what happened to him. He went out one evening, with his net, and never returned. Did he have an accident? Was he spirited away by “gypsies”? Or is something more sinister happen in the Welsh countryside, away from the prying eyes of the authorities? With no sign of Sidney, dead or alive, Kate’s investigations are going to get her into more and more danger?

The fourth Ianthe Jerrold novel to be rediscovered by Dean St Press. To recall, she wrote two whodunits under her own name, The Studio Crime and Dead Man’s Quarry, and then changed genres. Two mysteries were then found written under a pseudonym, Let Him Lie, and this one.


… this isn’t in the same vein as the first three books. Those were very impressive whodunits, very much in the style of Christie. This is an adventure novel, more than anything else, more in the plotting style of Enid Blyton. Sorry, that’s my only reference for this sort of tale. Possibly I should be mentioning Buchan instead, but I haven’t read any of those.

It’s a fine enough example of the genre, although I didn’t find there to be too many surprises in the plot. The book kept my attention throughout, and there is an element of mystery as to who is involved in what is going on.

It’s well worth a look, but be aware that this is a quite different book to the others in the range. It wasn’t really my sort of thing, but fans of the adventure genre will find plenty to like here.

For another take on the book, do check out Kate’s opinion at Cross Examining Crime.


  1. Yes I think you’re right in suggesting this is more of an adventure story as opposed to a true detective novel. It’s been a while since I have read any Buchan but I think perhaps some parallels can be made. It was a bit disconcerting sharing the same name with the main character, especially when she was being a complete prat.


    • There was a lot of reliance on the big strong man to rescue her, wasn’t there?

      Oh, and while I’m here, a quick warning to anyone reading this as to the blurb-spoilers. They’re hardly surprising revelations, but they are only confirmed late in the narrative.

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