The Puzzly – The Book Of The Month – September 2018

Well, September has been a busy old month for the blog. The busiest month yet for visitors to the blog – in part due to a very suspicious spike in my stats on the 16th, but even without that day, it’s been a bit of a record breaker. Obviously everyone is getting excited about the approaching 1000th review, which I’m guessing will be in November. Pretty sure the countdown will kick off next month, but if you want a clue to which ten books will lead up to review 1000 – all Golden Age and unread-by-me authors – then do take a look at the puzzle here.

My other achievement of September? I finally consolidated some of my collection into some sort of order – here’s my John Dickson Carr collection along with all the green Penguins that don’t belong anywhere else…

Note it is missing Til Death Do Us Part (with Kate) and Seeing Is Believing (with JJ) but if anyone sees my copy of Hag’s Nook lying around somewhere, do let me know where it is…

Anyway, the last review of the month was number 983, so still a few to go, but let’s deal with the recent past rather than the future for now. Which of the sixteen (!) books of September takes the Book of the Month?

The books in question were:

Hmm, lots of good, not so many outstanding. The Man Who Loved Clouds is rather wonderful, but it does have some flaws. Probably, I really should give the book of the month to The Shrouded Path by friend-of-the-blog Sarah Ward, but she has won it before and I have a debt to repay – I’ve spent a good amount of time bad-mouthing And So To Murder as a rubbish mis-step by Carr, but having finally re-read it, I think it’s rather wonderful. If you go into it not expecting a usual Carr locked-room impossible puzzle, it’s an absolute cracker. So for the first time, John Dickson Carr, with his Carter Dickson hat on, takes the Puzzly.

Right, be back next month for the last few books before the countdown – don’t forget the puzzle! – kicking off with another from Francis Vivian. See you in October!



  1. Thanks for the teaser regarding the countdown to the 1000th review. I’ve not managed to decipher any of the titles from your earlier puzzle, and so I’m looking forward to the unveiling of the solution.

    Incidentally, not sure if you’re aware that Christopher Huang’s new novel is poised for publication – but requires sufficient pre-orders for publication? I still haven’t read my copy of ‘Gentleman’s Murder’ – will be getting to it within the next few books I read – but I’ve high hopes after your review of it.


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