Other Series

This page summarises the shorter series by Paul Doherty – let’s say less than five books before a series gets its own page.

Margaret Beaufort

Set at the end of the Wars of the Roses, it details the intrigues surrounding Margaret Beaufort, the mother of the future Henry VII.

Mathilde of Westminster

Detailing the early days of Edward II’s reign through the eyes of Mathilde, attendant to Queen Isabella and physician. Apparently there may be a television series in development.

The Cup of GhostsMathilde tells how she became part of the future Queen Isabella’s retinue, taking her from engagement to her marriage to Edward II. Templars and those loyal to the King are being murdered along the way – including an impossible suicide.

the-poison-maiden1.jpgAs Piers Gaveston gains more influence over the King, rumours abound that a deadly agents of Philip, the King of France has arrived in London, known only as the Poison Maiden. As the lords plot to remove Gaveston, can Mathilde unmask the Maiden before things spiral out of control?

Nicholas Segalla

An apparently immortal historian walks through eternity, becoming involved in historical mysteries. Originally published under the pseudonym Ann Dukthas.

A Time For The Death Of A KingSegalla narrates the tale of the death of Lord Darnley, King Consort to Mary, Queen Of Scots, the event that initiates her eventual downfall. Was Mary responsible or were darker forces responsible? Sir Francis Walsingham’s agent, the Raven Master, is pulling the strings – can Segalla unmask the master spy before it’s too late?

Matthew Jankyn

The tales of a rogue who finds himself entangled with the politics at the time.

The Whyte HarteSpanning twenty years, Jankyn is drawn again and again into the conspiracy of the Whyte Harte – a plot to return Richard II to the throne… but Richard is supposed to have died years earlier. Is it possible that the King survived? And can Jankyn survive discovering the truth?


No idea really, I haven’t read these yet.

  • The Templar (2007)
  • The Templar Magician (2009)

Mahu – The Akhenaten Trilogy

Again, no idea. Set in Ancient Egypt

  • An Evil Spirit Out Of The West (2003)
  • The Season Of The Hyaena (2005)
  • The Year Of The Cobra (2005)


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