Steve Hockensmith

Not your usual historical mystery series, but a loving pastiche of both Sherlock Holmes and the Western genre. While this might sound like a car crash, it has produced some absolutely wonderful novels.


Determined to be real detectives, the only job the brothers can get is guarding a train. But a gang of outlaws is waiting down the track and there’s a murderer loose on board as well. Oh, and Old Red has chronic train-sickness – just wait until you see what he spots when he’s being ill over the side of the train!

With no work forthcoming, Old Red decides that he’s got enough experience at sleuthing to bring to justice the killer of his one true love. However everyone else in town is determined that the past remain buried – along with the two brothers, if necessary.

The brothers are summoned to Chicago to take part in a contest to find the World’s Greatest Sleuth, to commerate the passing of the previous holder of that title, one Mr Holmes. But when the competition setter is found face-down in a vat of cheddar, it seems that Old Red may have met his match – a killer who is also an expert detective.

Short Stories:

  • Dear Mr Holmes – eBook


Not remotely involving cowboys, but a political conspiracy thriller. Oh, with added zombies!


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