John Rhode

John RhodeCecil John Street aka John Street aka John Rhode aka Miles Burton aka Cecil Waye was one of the most prolific authors from the Golden Age of detective fiction – over 70 under the pseudonym John Rhode featuring the scientific detections of Dr Lancelot Priestley (although he is called Launcelot in The Motor Rally Mystery) and over 60 featuring amateur sleuth Desmond Merrion under the pseudonym Miles Burton.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, his work is extremely hard to come by – rarely reprinted, and yet in high demand. I’ve managed to procure a large number of his works. To explain the bibliography below – all links go to spoiler free reviews. Titles in italics are ones that I don’t possess (and if you’ve one going spare, do give me a shout…) The Miles Burton list, as I’ve fewer of his, are simply the ones that I’ve got or read.

Some hope has appeared recently for the non-obsessive collector – the British Library have re-issued The Secret Of High Eldersham and Death In The Tunnel and while there is little sign of more of the Miles Burton titles appearing in this range, the Collins Crime Club have re-released The Paddington MysteryMystery At OlympiaDeath At Breakfast and Invisible Weapons – not his finest work, perhaps, but two good titles and one very good one there (check the reviews to see which one is which). I am given to believe that more might be on the way…

John Rhode – Dr Priestley

John Rhode – Non-Series

Miles Burton

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