L C Tyler

L C TylerL C Tyler is the writer of two series of books, the Ethelred and Elsie tales, concerning a mediocre crime writer and his agent and the slightly more serious John Grey historical tales, set in the reign of Oliver Cromwell. If you would like to know a little more about the second series, then do check out my Q & A with Len here.

Ethelred And Elsie

Ethelred Tressider’s career is struggling but things take a turn for the worse when his ex-wife’s car is found abandoned near his house and a murder investigation begins. Luckily (?) Ethelred’s agent, Elsie Thirkettle is around to help Ethelred stick his nose into matters to find the murderer. That’s clearly a good idea…

Despite the events at the finale of the previous book, Ethelred and Elsie are reunited in a hotel in the Loire Valley. Soon, of course, the ten guests in the hotel are reduced to nine. And then to eight. Elsie is determined that she and Ethelred investigate – but it looks as if Ethelred may be more involved than she realises.

Ethelred has encountered an old friend, Sir Robert Muntham, who happens to be ridiculously posh and wealthy, so Elsie is determined to wangle an invitation to a dinner party to make fun of him. What they weren’t expecting is for Sir Robert to be found strangled while locked inside his own study…

Ethelred decides on a research trip for his latest novel cruising down the Nile, but when his intended partner drops out, Elsie decides to bag a free holiday. But soon the boat is drifting out of control and there’s a dead body on board, and it’s up to our intrepid would-be sleuths to find the killer. If only they could agree on who the good guys are?

Ethelred is finally asked to investigate a mystery by someone other than Elsie – a crime fiction reviewer who promises a good review in return for Ethelred finding out if he killed somebody. But, as ever, things aren’t quite what they seem. Luckily Elsie’s determined to help out from behind the scenes. But might this be their last adventure together?

Ethelred has settled down in the village of West Wittering, but is being persuaded to investigate the “accidental” death of his friend Robin Pagham. He is however more interested in a past local death, mainly as there might be a book in it. But when Elsie shows up, she’s determined to look into the present day shenanigan. But might the two deaths be linked somehow?

Ethelred has been asked to write the biography of a crime writer, Roger Norton Vane, who disappeared in a Thai jungle twenty years ago. But when he attends the twenty-year anniversary service, who should appear but Vane himself! Ethelred has two choices – rewrite the biography or find the truth behind Vane’s resurrection.

John Grey

When the body of a Royalist spy is found in his home village, would-be lawyer John Grey is drawn into the search for his killer. But with Cromwell’s men constantly on the hunt for the members of the Sealed Knot, those seeking to place the future Charles II on the throne, Grey has to tread very carefully – there’s a killer on the loose and nobody he can trust. Or is there?

Now in London, John Grey makes one simple mistake – he attends a meeting that he was mistakenly invited to. Now in a sea of shifting loyalties, he finds himself tasked by the Sealed Knot to help kill Cromwell and by Cromwell’s men to find the potential assassin. If only things were that simple…

When a murdered body is found in a plague pit, John Grey finds himself in pursuit of a dangerous letter that the victim had been carrying. As John and Aminta hunt for both the letter and the murderer across the country, they find themselves being pursued, both by human enemies and the plague itself…

When a victim of the fire is found with a bullet in the back, John Grey should be thankful that someone confesses, not just to the murder but to starting the Great Fire itself. Something about Robert Hubert’s confession is just wrong, but can John get to the bottom of the plot before the plotters send him to the bottom of the river?