Historical Mystery Timeline

There are a lot of historical mystery reviews on my blog – so I thought I’d do a chronological index. I’m not being too precise at the moment and this is a work in progress, so be patient. I’m also going to include major series by authors who I haven’t reviewed so far, in particular for older eras. There are probably too many twentieth century historicals to list, so I’ll just include those that I’ve read. Once we get past 1066 in the UK, I’ll classify them by monarch. For a series, I’ve given the name of the sleuth – for a one-off (including where I’ve only read one) then I’ve given the title of the book.

The Ancient World

Egypt – 2000 BC

Egypt – 1479 BC

Greece c. 334 BC

Rome – from 80 BC

Jerusalem 29 AD

Alexandria 36 AD

Rome from 69 AD

  • Falco – Lindsay Davis

Roman  Britain 91 AD

Bithynia c. 100 AD

Rome 313 AD

The Dark Ages

China c. 660 AD

Judge Dee – Robert Van Gulik

Ireland c. 666 AD

The Medieval World

William II (1087-1100)

Stephen (1135-1154)

Henry II (1154-1189)

Richard I (1189-1199)

Henry III (1216-1272)

Edward I (1272-1307)

Edward II (1307-1327)

Edward III (1327-1377)

Richard II (1377-1399)

Edward IV (1461-1470, 1471-1483)

Richard III (1483-1485)

House of Tudor

Henry VIII (1509-1547)

Mary I (1553-1558)

Elizabeth I (1558-1603)

House of Stuart (inc. Cromwell)

Charles I (1625-1649)

Oliver Cromwell (1649-1658)

Anne (1701-1714)

House of Hanover

George II (1727-1760)

George III (1760-1820)

George IV (1820-1830)

House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha

Queen Victoria (1837-1901)

Early Twentieth Century

European Historical Mysteries

US Historical Mysteries


  1. This is a godsend. I lead a mystery discussion group at the library and want to do “the history of England in mysteries” for 2014. I know I want to start with Brother Cadfael and probably end with either Maisie Dobbs or Inspector Ian Rutledge, but I hadn’t filled in the middle yet. Your timeline will be a big help. You might want to try Bruce Alexander’s Sir John Fielding series if you haven’t yet, set in the reign of George III.


  2. I’ll make a note of that series, but I’m concentrating on fleshing out the medieval section at the moment – my personal favourite era. Do keep checking on this timeline as I find I’m constantly updating it.


  3. Hi – Love this list; love the blog. But may I point out a slight error above? I believe you mean “Gordianus the Finder,” rather than “Gordianus the Finger.” :))


  4. Where is Claudia Seferis, Marilyn Todd’s Roman woman of mystery? The first, I Claudia, is dated 13 BC. I’m a bit behind with catching up on this series, but she’s terrific and should be on this list!


  5. Claudia Seferius. My bad! I’m just reading a very hard to get copy of Virgin Territory from my To Be read pile,, and it’s a cracker.


  6. Thanks for the list! I have a historical mystery, LONE STAR DEATH, featuring a young woman newspaper editor in 1880s central Texas. Available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. Written under the name “B.A. Neal.”


  7. You have listed the Jack Haldean series twice. They are good but not so good as to deserve that.

    There are a few historical mysteries by Carr missing.


  8. Edward Marston also has a very good Domesday series of books set in the time of William the Conqueror, which would fill a gap.


    • Yes, thanks for that. I’ve become aware of these and keep meaning to try one. I’ve been a little put off by a couple of his other historical books in the past – one of the train ones and an Elizabethan one, but it’s on the radar


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