Off We Go!

OK, this is my first attempt at a blog and goodness only knows how often it’ll be updated. But here goes.

The point of this blog is reviewing mystery novels. Note that I’m shying away from just saying crime novels, as my primary love in the world of literature is the classic mystery. Agatha Christie is the obvious example, but there are many more, most of whom probably aren’t too well known and far too many of them are out of print. So to be clear – I’m talking about books where the clues to solve the puzzle presented therein are available to the reader, even if the reader won’t spot them until the detective has explained what can seem blinding obvious in hindsight. I’ll hopefully be reviewing books both old and new, seeing what fits into the genre, in my opinion of course, and with any luck inspiring some of you out there to expand your bookshelves a little. So, without any further ado, off we go!


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