The New Miss Marple – Jennifer Garner???

God bless the Disney channel. According to a number of sources across the internet, so it’s bound to be true, they are producing a series of Miss Marple films. About when she was young.

Oh my goodness. (That’s the polite version) Right, Disney, we need to have some words…

Let’s get this straight, Disney. Miss Marple is not young. Miss Marple became the super-sleuth she is by watching life in the village pass by her for all of her life. This is Miss Marple

or possibly this.


is not Miss Marple.

Unless you’re going to tell stories of Ms Garner peering through her net curtains at her neighbours all day long while making notes, please don’t bother. Find a new detective character who actually fits the actress in question – an older Nancy Drew? Then go and hire Judi Dench for Miss Marple. Or just buy the broadcast rights for the Julia McKenzie version. Otherwise, I’ll go and buy the rights for Winnie The Pooh and re-imagine him as an adult grizzly bear who eats piglets and donkeys for breakfast. See how you like it…

UPDATE: As far as I can see, this project is dead. Hurrah!


  1. What Disney is doing is wrong.I dread to think what’s next,a young,sexy one direction styled Californian James bond,or a burger munching,truck driving inspector Morse or simon templar (mind you,I four they even know who inspector Morse and simon templar are.) And I agree,if the y are going to take are movies,I can’t wait to start writing the screenplay to a remake of Mary Poppins where the sweet old nanny turns out to be a vampire!


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