Local Bookshop Update

You may recall my earlier post concerning the promising chat I had with the staff member in charge of the crime department in my local Waterstones concerning the distinct lack of historical crime novels and, in particular, Paul Doherty’s work. A sole mis-shelved copy of The Mysterium was found, but she promised to look into ordering some more.

Well, a week later, I popped back in, and there was a copy of Nightshade, another copy of The Mysterium and Murder’s Immortal Mask (from the Ancient Rome series) which I happily purchased.

Optimistically, I returned a couple of weeks later and lo and behold, copies of Corpse Candle, The Magician’s Death and The Waxman Murders had also appeared – the last two also coming home with me.

Anyway, I returned this morning, and …

So either Paul Doherty’s books are like Tribbles, or talking to your local bookshop about your favourite books might help get your favourite authors a bit more exposure.

Oh, and when you leave, do what I do and turn your favourite books so they face outwards – that might help sales too!


  1. Congrats on your good fortunes, PuzzleDoc! At the moment, I’m reading The Horus Killings and thus far I have enjoyed every word of it. Semi impossible disappearances from a labyrinthine structure in the desert, an apparent supernatural murder in a locked tower room and as of this moment I have reached a chapter in which a poisoned servant left a cryptic dying message. Doherty is a man after my own heart!

    Thanks for introducing me to Paul Doherty and I hope to have review up this upcoming weekend.


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