Sherlockian Shorts – The Adventure of the Abbey Grange

First published 1904, The Adventure of the Abbey Grange is the twelfth story in the third collection of short stories, The Return of Sherlock Holmes.

What’s It About?

Holmes is summoned by Inspector Hopkins to the Abbey Grange, where robbers have murdered Sir Eustace Brackenstall and bound and gagged his young wife, Lady Mary. All seems fairly routine, but Holmes smells a rat…

Is It A Mystery?

Well, things aren’t what they seem, but it’s not exactly a poser.

Is It Any Good?

Not really – there’s only one direction the story can take and it takes a while to do so. I think the real mystery is why Hopkins bothered to call Holmes in the first place. If he can see something is amiss but can’t see what it is…

Anything Else?

It resembled to me a much inferior version of The Reigate Puzzle – not a success, this one, in my eyes. No wonder I’d never heard of it before.


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