The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – September 2012

Well, that was a disappointing month, bookwise. While I can cite a lack of free time, thanks to the start of term, I’m still fairly gobsmacked that, on tallying things up, I’ve read a grand total of six books this month. That’s rubbish really, but at least it makes less competition for that most desired of non-existent things, the In Search Of The Classic Mystery Novel Book of the Month award. Oh yes, it’s Puzzly time!

So, books this month were:

Well, it’s a pretty easy decision this month. Neither Doherty book leapt out at me – perfectly fine reads, but not up there with the Athelstan and Corbett novels, Suspicious Minds was fine, but again, not my favourite from the author and Mesopotamia has such a stupid central problem… not going to start on that one again.

So Peter Tremayne is once again a gnat’s whisker away from taking the award, but it has to go to Marsali Taylor for Death On A Longship – such a pleasure to see a writer make such an effort to emulate the puzzle plot of the great writers while still maintaining a modern flavour.

So, a target for October – ten books. Let’s get this block kicked good and proper.



  1. Very interesting choice. A debut author. I went and re-read your review on Death On A Longship and I am encouraged to keep my eye open for the book and the author.

    I have been wanting to try the Harry Devlin series but haven’t found any books in the series yet… I want to start from the beginning. Someday I will do that.


  2. Is a new book every 5 days such a poor show, what with all the distractions of TV, audio, new start of term? You are being way too tough on yourself chum. I’m barely managing a new book a week at the mo and am still 2 months behind with Big Finish releases (still haven’t listened to the last of the Davison trilogy in fact). Looking forward to getting Taylor’s book though – thanks for flagging that one.


    • You can add playing too much assassin’s creed on the ps 3 to the distractions as well. But I’m still disappointed with myself… I know reading’s much more worthwhile. Maybe it’s because it’s been a while since the last time I read a truly great book.

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