The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – November 2012

‘Nother Chance November has rolled to a close, and there will a number of authors that I didn’t get round to. Never mind, it’s not as if I’ll be ignoring them in the future. Anyway, let’s see what I got through this month and which author has garnered the Puzzly for November 2012 – which, as should be obvious, is the penultimate chance to be shortlisted for the Grand Puzzly of 2012 – gasp! Or whatever I decide to call the book of the year.

So, this month, eleven books were devoured in total. Nine came under the heading of ‘Nother Chance November, two arrived via NetGalley for review. But which were the golden geese and which were the turkeys?

(Actually that’s not a great metaphor this close to Christmas (and Thanksgiving for my US readers) as turkey’s lovely as well. Never mind, you know what I mean…)

So, this month, I read:

More than my fair share of duffers this month. At least two that I didn’t really enjoy at all and one was a massive letdown. Naming no names, go and read the reviews to find out. But on the plus side, five that revitalised my interest in the series in question and another that will have me reading the next one sooner rather than later.

But the winner this month is probably my easiest pick ever. Heresy came pretty close, but Sam Thomas’ debut novel, The Midwife’s Tale is my pick of the month. Not out until January, but keep an eye out for it – a really enjoyable tale with a well-structured mystery as well.

As ever, if you want to see what my fellow bloggers have been enjoying, pop over to Mysteries in Paradise’s book of the month thread.

So we head into what I’m not going to call Read-What-The-Heck-I-Want-To-December, but that’s going to be the theme – so expect the usual suspects and at least a couple from this month making another appearance…


  1. The Midwife’s Tale sounds an excellent read, and it’s a fascinating period, so have made a note. Apart from the (US) publisher and date, haven’t yet spotted publication details, and it doesn’t appear as available to pre-order.


  2. I have already added The Midwife’s Tale to my wish list. I also want to get back to reading series by Simon Brett. I have read some of the Charles Paris and Mrs. Pargeter series … but want to reread them. And try the new series.


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