I Remember You by Martin Edwards

I Remember YouHarry Devlin has a new client, Finbar Rogan, a tattooist by trade and ladies man by night. When Rogan’s studio is torched, it seems accidental, until a bomb under his car convinces the police, and Harry, otherwise. Harry is managing to distract himself from the business at hand, however, due to an unhealthy attraction to another client’s wife, coupled with his growing suspicions about her husband’s activities. Murder soon brings events into a sharp focus and Harry is soon hunting for a killer – but there seem to be more than a fair share of people who wanted the victim dead…

There’s going to be a slight problem with the review of this book – and it chimes nicely with the title. It’s called I Remember You but despite the fact that I read it very recently, it’s all a bit of a blur… Let me explain.

Reading, as sometimes it is easy to forget, is something you do to relax. And there are times when you need to relax. Earlier this week, I had a meeting that was very important – not going into details, but it’s nothing to do with the blog – the great unwritten Puzzle Doctor mystery is not not winging its way to some pages near you any time soon. Anyway, needless to say, I was more than a little tense and nervous, and so I made sure that I took a couple of books by my favourite authors with me. I knew I’d have a long evening in a Travel Tavern to kill and  I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t trying to read a book that required effort. Of course, due to finishing the book that evening and then the important meeting following the next morning, needless to say that my memory of the book is a bit of a blur.

But, on the other hand, what I can tell you is that it was completely engrossing. Time flew that evening as I followed Harry around nineties Liverpool and it completely succeeded in taking my mind off things. There’s an excellent twist around three-quarters of the way in that I didn’t see coming at all and, given that the murder happens almost half way through the book, well done to the blurb writers for not giving away the name of the victim. Actually, while I think of it, that’s another reason to praise the book. Normally I want the murder to happen early on, but Edwards spends time setting things in place and despite my distracted state, this didn’t bother me. A sure sign of a talented writer. The murderer was a surprise, although I honestly can’t comment on how “fair-play” the mystery was as I certainly wasn’t clue-spotting. Just going along for the ride.

So, what else can I say but Highly Recommended. An engrossing enjoyable mystery – just don’t set me a test on it…

(Oh, by the way, the meeting went very well)


  1. I love this review. Makes me want to read it and doesn’t tell me more than I want to know. I already wanted to read this series, but you have certainly enticed me to do that.


  2. Very glad the meeting went well – I’ll be reading some of the books by Martin you have been recommending in the new year as I plan to focus on books that other bloggers I read have been getting so excited about (so thanks, in advance).


    • I’d go for the Lake District series first from Martin – there’s a little something extra about those. Nothing wrong with the Devlin books – All The Lonely People is outstanding – but I find myself identifying more with the leads in the other series.


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