The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – December 2012

Not quite the end of the month, but with a year-end post coming up, it’s time for the December 2012 Puzzly, aka the In Search Of The Classic Mystery Novel book of the month “award”. It’s part of the Mysteries In Paradise book of the month meme (link to follow later) and if you want to see the rest of my 2012 book of the month choices, then do check of the Puzzlies page.

Ten books this month – eleven actually, but the eleventh will be coming month (worth waiting for, by the way) – not a bad at all, but it’s a difficult choice for the best of the bunch.

On top of the setting up an Historical Mystery Timeline, the books read this month were:

OK, if there was a worst of the month, then it would be would be easy. Not naming names, but if you check out the reviews, then it should be obvious. But there are at least five that could be the best. Whittling out the previous winners (Paul Doherty, Martin Edwards and Paul Halter) leaves a choice between the classic Green For Danger and the newcomer Nine Man’s Murder… although it’s very tempting to include The Demon of Dartmoor in the shortlist.

Ugh. Very difficult to decide this one… right, going to go for the newcomer. This month’s Puzzly goes to Nine Man’s Murder. It’s a great debut – an entertaining read and a brain-twisting puzzle plot – and here’s hoping for more from Eric Keith.

Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers books of the month at Mysteries in Paradise.


  1. I wondered if Nine Man’s Murder was going to be your pick this month….I’ll be doing my post before too long (going to try and finish off one last mystery before I do). We’ll have to see if we have duplicate favorites this time.


  2. I purchased the first in the Sister Fidelma series (Peter Tremayne), the first in the Brother Athelstan series (Paul Doherty), AND the first Inspector Faro (Alanna Knight) just in the last month based on your recent reviews. But I still haven’t gotten Nine Man’s Murder. Can’t decide on e-book vs. paperback, for one thing.


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