The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – January 2013

Ah, the Puzzly. Could it really have been a whole year since it started? Actually no, I did the first two months of last year in hindsight, but it has been a good way of summarising the stuff that I’ve read and giving a bit of an extra plug for the books that have impressed me.

As ever, the Puzzly is part of the Pick of the Month meme over at Mysteries in Paradise. Do pop over and see what everyone else has been reading. But in the meantime, let’s have a look at what I’ve read… and I’ve finally thought of an actual prize, sort of.

This month also saw the debut of the Doc On The Box thread looking at TV mysteries – apart from Midsomer Murders and the wonderful return of Death In Paradise – more to come on that one soon –  I was banging  on about Father Brown a lot – here, here, here and here. And there’s also the mystery of The House In Goblin Wood

But the books this month – and eligible for the Puzzly for January 2013 are:

Only nine books this month due to a plague of headaches and a hospital visit – thanks again to the wonderful staff at Southport Hospital, by the way – and the beginning of my “Original Sins” theme. For the next few months, all my historicals will be taken from the Ancient World – although I might include seventh century Ireland to ensure Sister Fidelma doesn’t get missed out when I jump to whatever I’m going to call the next phase – Medieval Mischief? Oops, digressing again.

Now You See MeSo the best Original Sin? Probably Furies, although it’s more thriller than mystery, but I think the best historical was the sole non-Ancient mystery that sneaked in at the start of the month, The Book of Shadows. But best of the month? While I admire Prague Fatale, it was a difficult read, so Kate Ellis has yet again come a close second (for at least the third time) but I think the Puzzly for January 2013 has to be the memorable Now You See Me by S J Bolton. And to think I only read it by accident… So, in honour of winning, the cover will be my blog background for February in the hope of luring a few extra readers in the direction of it. See, told you there was a prize!

So next month, more Ancient World goings on, a few from old favourites such as Martin Edwards and Peter Tremayne, and some more Doc On The Box too. See you in February.


  1. Yep….I thought so. The book that you’ve made me put on my TBR list. The Puzzle Doctor does not seem to have the cure for my TBR-list-adding problem. 🙂 Not sure when I’ll get to this one though.


  2. This is slightly off-topic, but I thought the Puzzle Doctor would want to know that most of the early Ellery Queen novels, including all of the “nationality” mysteries, will be available on Kindle in the U.S. in a few days courtesy of


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