Some Mysterious Odds and Ends

No review today – there will probably be one tomorrow – but there’s a few odds and ends of information that I’d thought I’d share with you all. As ever, feel free to ignore it…

First off, Emma Pulitzer from Open Road Media has alerted me to a couple of videos on Youtube that you might find interesting. The first is from ex-actress and current author Melodie Johnson Howe, author of three books set in Hollywood, The Mother Shadow, Beauty Dies and the most recent, Shooting Hollywood. Expect a review of the first of these in the near future. You can find the video here.

The second video concerns Ellery Queen featuring the sons of Fred Dannay and Manfred Lee. This is linked the re-release of twelve Queen mysteries from, namely

This is on top of the already released The Roman Hat Mystery and Calamity Town. These are available from all good ebook sellers (although it seems not the website!). If you click on the links above, then you’ll go to my reviews. You can see the video here.

Oh, and The House In Goblin Wood searches seem to have died down – guess it was time to hand the essays in – but I may have found one of the sources. You can have a look at the syllabus here. Oh, and someone remind me next January to post a fake synopsis on the blog. Just for a laugh to catch out the plagiarists.

And finally, as I mentioned in my last review, do check out the short stories that are now available in ebook form from Paul Doherty. Currently there are three – one Amerotke, “Or You Can Drink The Wine?” – one Athelstan, “The Monk’s Tale” and one standalone, “The Knight’s Confession”. More to come, apparently, but still no sign, unfortunately, of the books written under his many pseudonyms as ebooks, but keep your fingers crossed.


    • The oddest thing is that the press release mentions the first three in the body if the text ad if they are the real attractions. Adventures of, yes, Chinese Orange, I understand but don’t quite agree with but American Gun? Doesn’t everyone think this is the weakest of the early books?


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