The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – May 2013

May draws to a close and, of course, that can only mean one thing. Well, apart from the fact that it’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow. Yes, it’s Book Of The Month time – which of my reads this month has earned the privilege of providing the background to my blog for the month of June. Let’s face it, that’s cheaper than actually making a trophy…

May has been a funny old month for a variety of reasons, and out of nine books read, one author has a bit of an unfair advantage as he wrote over half of them. Regular readers can guess who it is. But will he walk away with the Puzzly for May 2013?

As I said, nine books in total. They were:

There was also a couple of Sherlockian Shorts as well this month but a few things slowed me down this month – an irritating medical thing – too embarrassing to be called an illness but annoying nonetheless, and a prolonged (and failed) attempt to get through a book that was a long way out of my comfort zone – chick-lit noir, for want of a better thing. This was why I resorted to the tried and tested Doherty – including one of my two unread Hugh Corbett books! And then with Paul’s 100th book coinciding with my 300th review, it seemed an idea to do a little run-in to the 300th with a couple of his books that also investigated historical mysteries. I’m not one to normally make excuses, the blog “policy”, for want of a better word, has always been to read what I feel like reading, but even I can see that it’s been a bit unbalanced this month. So I’ll be looking at new authors for most of next month – let’s just hope that there’s not a mass release of a bunch of obscure Paul Doherty books as ebooks next month. Oh, whoops…

So, excuses over, on to the Puzzly. We can eliminate a few. I’m always wary of giving it to a classic (i.e. dead) author, and I can’t imagine that my review of And Then There Were None was fair, due to the fact that I knew something about the plot before going in. Hannah Scarlett’s weird choice of men to start fancying rules of The Hanging Wood (sorry Martin!) and Cop Hater is out for two reasons – stupid title and crass characterisation of every female character. So, can Peter Tremayne’s excellent Smoke In The Wind stand up to a five-book assault from Paul Doherty?

Smoke In The WindActually – yes. The Doherty books were all excellent, especially The Waxman Murders – but the murderer was a bit too guessable – and The Whyte Harte and The Last Of Days – but they’re more historical conspiracies than classic mysteries. So, against the odds, the Puzzly for May 2013 goes for the second time in three months to Peter Tremayne for the excellent Smoke In The Wind.

As ever, this post is part of the Mysteries In Paradise Book Of The Month meme. Pop over and find out what my fellow bloggers enjoyed.

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  1. I was going to pop back later to comment, but I have to wish you a happy wedding anniversary. We don’t make a big deal over our anniversary (gift or celebration-wise), but they are important. I will come back later because I know I have missed some of your reviews due to a very heavy load at work.


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