Mervyn Stone – A Blatant Plug

Ridiculous MervynStone-GeekTragedy-cover-FORWEBoffer alert!

It’s been a while since I mentioned Nev Fountain’s name on the blog, so it’s well past time to correct matters. I was going to wait until The Axeman Cometh was released (see below) but a couple of things have cropped up to inspire me to bring this post version. One of which is completely free to you, dear reader, and one which is almost as good!

First of all, let me remind you. Nev is the author of the three Mervyn Stone mysteries, Geek Tragedy, DVD Extras Include: Murder! and Cursed Among Sequels, all of which detail the sleuthing exploits of Mervyn Stone, ex-script editor of the Mervyn Stone -DVD Extras Include: Murderlong-defunct sci-fi soap opera Vixens From The Void. Basically, the tone is very similar to that of Simon Brett (an inspiration for Fountain) but with much tighter plotting. It should be said that I absolutely love these books to pieces and they were in no small part one of the inspirations for me starting the blog that you are reading. Do click on the links above to check out my early (and probably rather rough) reviews of the books, but to summarise, these are three very clever, play-along-but-you-probably-won’t-work-it-out, fair-play mysteries.

So, on with the news!

Good News Part One: Free Book!

Well, sort of. Over at Nev’s blog, he’s reproducing The Pen Is Mightier Than The Nerd, the novel he wrote using Twitter featuring Mervyn on an episodic basis. It was a fascinating experiment, giving a first person story in 140 character utterances. Parts one and two are up at the moment and it’s well worth a read. I did review it here, but I did, without thinking, spoiler one of the best bits, hence the blank section in the middle of the review. So pop over and check that out.

MervynStone-CursedAmongSequels-cover-FORWEBGood News Part Two: Cheap Books!

Over at Big Finish, the publishers of Nev’s books (and much else besides), there’s a sale on until the weekend where you can get a softback, hardback or ebook of each of the titles for only £2.99 each. And if you buy a papery one, you get a free ebook too. I think. You usually do…

Good News Part Three: Cheap Audiobook!

AxemanAnd if that hasn’t whet your appetite, coming later this month for a paltry £5 is The Axeman Cometh, the first Mervyn Stone audio play starring John Banks and Nicola Bryant. There will be a review coming very soon.

Sorry if you thought that was a bit of a plug – I’m not on commission or anything – but anything I can do to spread the word about this great series, then I’ll do it. Then Nev just might turn to writing some more…

UPDATE: One day after doing this post, and The Axeman Cometh is now available. The price has changed from the pre-order price, but the download is still a snip at £6.99. And there’s another free adventure by downloading the seven part “Whatever Happened To Babel-J” audio story via a series of podcasts from here – you have to scroll down a little bit. Enjoy!

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