CWA Evening at Formby Books

You’ll have noticed a few mentions in my posts recently about moving house – what I may have not mentioned is it was a significant move (for the UK) at least, from Formby in Merseyside to the West Midlands. There are no end of plus points about this move – good jobs for both of us, much closer to parents, etc – but there is at least one downside.

Formby Books, as I’ve mentioned before, is a great local bookshop and any readers of my blog from the North West really should check it out. In particular (and sorry for the short notice) why not pop along tomorrow – 31st July – when there will be a Crime Writers Association evening.

Three authors will be attending. Martin Edwards, author of the Harry Devlin books and the Lake District series (featuring Daniel Kind and Hannah Scarlett), Kate Ellis, author of the Wesley Peterson and Joe Platangenet books and Sheila Quigley, a prolific author who I’m not familiar with, but whose books are consistently highly rated on Amazon – sorry, that’s the best I can do at short notice. I’ve met Martin and Kate a few times now and they are charming and informed speakers. There are plenty of reviews of their work all over this blog and they both have new books out.

Oh, and there’s a quiz and a barbecue as well.

It’s a real shame that I’m missing this but if any of my ex-local regular readers  (and there are a few)  want to pop along – or even just start using Formby Books (or its website) as their primary source of murder and mayhem – then I’m sure it will be worth your while.

In the meantime, if anyone could recommend a replacement bookshop in the Coventry/Solihull area…

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