The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – September 2013

September has been a slow month for me – starting a new job will have that effect. Only eight books, I’m afraid, so which is going to be the best of the month?

In order the books were:

Which was the best? Not an easy one, as none of them really shone out. Fair and Tender Ladies was a cracking read, but I wasn’t a massive fan of the method of hiding the murderer. Ditto The Tiger’s Head, where there were some very artificial alibis knocking around. It The Darkening Glassprobably comes down to two books… Murder On Cue was a good, clever mystery, but it’s going to have to go to that man again, simply because I’m more interested in medieval England than Broadway. The Darkening Glass is a rich tale of a historical event – which I’m not going to spoil – and with a clever involved mystery. One of the best of his non-major series novels.

So, hopefully a busier month next month. I’ve a stack of requested reviews lined up but apologies if any take longer to appear than you might hope. Fingers crossed.


  1. This is a slow month? Eight books is about the tops I can do in a month, although I have been reading more books per month this year than last year. As usual, a great selection of historical mysteries in time periods that I don’t usually read about. Someday I will find time to remedy that.


  2. Hardly any of them felt as if I’d read them properly though – snatched half-hours to and from work or in between bouts of marking… Hopefully now I’m getting the hang of the new job, things will smooth themselves out.


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