The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – April 2014

You’d think I wouldn’t have managed much reading this month – a week in hospital having my pesky appendix removed (thanks again to Coventry Hospital), followed by another week basically falling asleep at the drop of a hat. So I only managed to read ten books… hold on, how did that happen? OK, two of them were children’s books, but still… It probably helped that four of the books were from my “regular” authors – Kate Ellis, Peter Tremayne, Michael Jecks and Paul Doherty – but I’m rather pleased with that. Two new authors – Betty Rowlands and Ben Aaronovitch – as well.

Anyway, it’s the end of April so it must be time for the Puzzly for April 2014 – that much-desired accolade that basically gives the winner a smidgen of free advertising as they become my wallpaper for a month. Off we go.

So, the books this month were:

Oh dear, I think it’s same old, same old, with the choice of Puzzly winner this month. Last month I wussed out and awarded a joint Puzzly to Kate Ellis, Michael Jecks and Paul Doherty and to be honest, I would be tempted to do the same this month. The Tremayne book was weaker than others in the series, Nemesis is not Agatha’s finest work, and Bryant & May was good, but less of a whodunit that others in the series. Rivers of London was a great read but not really a mystery – the failure of any character to spot the fairly obvious central theme was annoying – and The Scent Of Death was just flat, really. Oh, and I’m not counting Nick & Tesla as they are kids books, massive fun though they are.

Of the remaining three – I can’t recommend them highly enough. All three are cracking mysteries – The Blood Pit may be a little short on clues – and I’m pleased to say that I spotted the killer in all three. But I’m going to go for the one that I felt clever solving – it has a wonderfully subtle clue that points the reader in the right direction if they spot it.

Squire Throwleigh's HeirSo the Puzzly this month goes to Michael Jecks (who, as he’s said on Twitter, has never met me and certainly doesn’t bribe me for these reviews) for Squire Throwleigh’s Heir. If you like historical mysteries, then I’d recommend any of this series, in particular this one, The Leper’s Return, The Abbot’s Gibbet or The Crediton Killings.

Next month, another mystical London book, this time from Paul Cornell, the latest from Christopher Fowler, Martin Edwards and Mark Billingham, more from Kate Ellis, Michael Jecks and… who knows what else. Hope you enjoy them too.

Remember, if you want to check out what my fellow bloggers liked this month, do check out the Mysteries In Paradise meme.


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