The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – September 2014

Well, that’s another month out of the way – September 2014 has swept past us. September always seems to be a short month for me, as the first month of the school year always keeps me busy. Being laid low by a cold didn’t help matters on the teaching front, but it did help me hit a respectable reading target for the month, which included one of my most controversial reviews in more ways than one – just read through the comments section…

But which of the seven books have been awarded the prestigious award of the Is Search Of The Classic Mystery Novel Book Of The Month – aka the Puzzly for September 2014?

The books in questions are:

So which is the best book out of them? That’s a stupid question, isn’t it?

Death On The Nile is by far the best of the list, a list that also includes the excellent Till Death Do Us Part. But it’s not going to win, as Dame Agatha doesn’t need the publicity and the existence of The Monogram Murders means that I’m not inclined to give the Christie estate a plug. Although everyone should read it, obviously.

cover53031-mediumInstead, I’m going to follow the point of the blog and go for the classic mystery in the modern novel. The Chill is more of a twisty noir (although it’s a damn good in-plain-sight twist) and Before I Go To Sleep is a straight (if very good) thriller. That leaves the usual suspects – Paul Doherty and Kate Ellis  – both of whom have won the Puzzly on more than one occasion. This time… despite the healing properties of The Flesh Tailor, it has to be the return of my favourite historical sleuth, Brother Athelstan, in The Book Of Fires. Go and bother your library now to get a copy in. And enjoy.

If you want to see my fellow bloggers’ books of the month, pop over to Mysteries In Paradise.


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