The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book OF The Month – February 2015

So, February 2015 and I may have got a little carried away with my reading. It’s the fault of Readathon UK, an event that supports a number of children’s charities through sponsored reading in schools. Our school librarian asked for staff to take part and I stepped up, claiming that ten books (still got five days to go, by the way) would be an appropriate challenge. Now it’s just possible that I may have got a little carried away…

Fourteen books later…

Actually, it’s fifteen, but I haven’t had time to write the review of The King Is Dead – yes, I’ve finally returned to Ellery Queen. But that’s for March.

In February, I read and reviewed the following:

By the way, if anyone would like to make a small donation to Readathon UK, then here is the link to their Just Giving page.

The Burning ManSo, the Puzzly? Not usually easy to pick when a) I’ve fourteen books to choose from, and b) it includes a large chunk of my favourite authors. But there’s a book that stands out from the rest by, on top of being a great read, has two points in its favour. First off, it brings one of my favourite series to an end in a truly magnificent way, and secondly, apparently my review was the first one published for it (according to Christopher Fowler, no less). So the Puzzly for February goes to Bryant & May and the Burning Man. It’s out at the end of March and I know that fans of the series are going to love it. But do have a box of tissues for the end…

More picks from my fellow bloggers over at Mysteries In Paradise.

Next month, the end of Readathon UK, some new releases, and some more old favourites.


  1. I still haven’t read the second half of the Bryant and May series, but a lot of respect to Fowler for finishing it definitively. I wish more series would go out on a high.

    (By the way, I can’t see the link to the Readathon’s Just Giving page, but I can see all the others.)


  2. I did not know that Fowler was writing the last one for the series. A good idea. I have read 5 of them and have 5 more in the series on my TBR pile. You had a lovely reading month. Mine was quite a bit slower.


    • It was an odd month. With the Readathon challenge, I prioritised reading when I had some spare time, and it was really great, especially with a bunch of favourite authors and only one or two sub-par books. Let’s see if March will be the same…


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