The Bodies From The Library – Upcoming Event

Just a quick heads-up between reviews – Peter Tremayne next and then a slew of new releases – to give you news of an upcoming event that I’m seriously excited about.


The Bodies From The Library is being held on Saturday June 20th in the British Library who have made a success of republishing out-of-print classics such as Mr Balzagette’s Agent and The Santa Klaus Murder, both of which I reviewed on the blog a while ago. Since then, a number of releases, masterminded by regular reviewee Martin Edwards, have been selling extremely well.

Anyway, it’s a day-long event, featuring a number of experts in the field, including the aforementioned Martin Edwards, Simon Brett, John Curran amongst others. The website will allow you to buy your ticket, give you information on the programme (only thirty quid) and also includes a suggested reading list.

For information, here are the links to books on the list that I’ve reviewed over the past few years:

Interesting to see The Monogram Murders on the list, recommended by L C Tyler, who is speaking on “Taking The Golden Age Into The 21st Century” – who knows, maybe it’s included as a “What Not To Do” example. There’ll be many more from the list once I’ve got through some overdue reviews that I’ve promised various people – if there are any particular requests, I’ll see what I can do.

Anyway, it looks like a cracking event – hopefully a few of you will be going too. Do say hi, if you can work out who I am. I’m more than happy to sign tablets that are displaying my blog, but I will use permanent marker…

Anyway, do take a look at their website and follow them on Twitter at @BodiesFTLibrary to get the latest news. And hopefully see you there.


  1. Sounds splendid Steve – it’s the weekend before I head off to Italy for my hols, which is my only hesitation as I haven;t booked flights yet etc etc – but if I’m there I’ll be the one with the cyanide pellet inside my upper left bicuspid 🙂


  2. Thanks for the support. I’m one of the organisers of the event and we truly think it will be a very interesting day. I urge people to book early as the event will sell out way before the day.


    • I’ll give it a few more plugs as I intend to tick off some more from the recommended reading list.

      Btw the website is a little odd – I received the link to a new post concerning spoilers but can only get to that page via the subscription link – there seems to no link from the main page.


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