Down Solo by Earl Javorsky

Down SoloMeet Charlie Miner. Insurance fraud investigator. Estranged father. Heroin addict. And corpse.

When Charlie wakes up in the morgue, floating over his body – now with two bullets in his head – he has nowhere else to go but back into his body. Needless to say, he’s determined to find out who put him in the morgue. But with massive holes in his memories – bullets in the head and, well, dying, will do that to you – he can barely recall the details of the case that he was working on.

As pieces of the past flash back to him, he finds that death wasn’t the end of his troubles. Can he keep himself together – literally – and find his own killer?

Quick apology for the gaps between reviews recently – deadlines at work coupled with a massive dose of cold/flu has really slowed me down. Hopefully things will be back on track soon. And an extra apology for those nice people who asked me for a review and are wondering where it is. Especially to Earl Javorksy who’s been waiting for ages…

Earl Javorsky has written some short stories before, but this is his first novel. And after Clown Noir, here comes another sub-genre – Zombie Noir!

Actually, “Zombie” probably isn’t the right word. Charlie’s situation is a little hard to describe. “Disembodied spirit that can use his old body while repeatedly having memory flashbacks” is basically what’s going on but I guess that’s not as catchy, so we’ll stick to Zombie Noir for now.

Regular readers know that noir isn’t really my thing – there’s rarely a mystery involved, at least not one that the reader is invited to ferret out. So it has to be something a little different to catch my attention. And this one certainly did.

It’s very well written, with no easy resolutions to the supernatural element, but with a solid plot running through the tale that supports the two strands well. While I can imagine that the supernatural element is going to put some readers off, I really don’t think it should. As with the adventures of Rex Koko, I would be delighted to know what someone who actually likes noir thinks of it. Given that I rather enjoyed it, I expect fans of the genre will too. Well Worth A Look.

And if you do like zombies, then there’s also Cadaver In Chief by Steve Hockensmith, a Zombie Thriller. Although not with a zombie as the lead character…


  1. To be fair, the blurb doesn’t use the Z-word either. Maybe Undead Noir is better. Certainly there’s not brain-eating or other such zombiesque behaviour. The situation is actually dealt with relatively seriously in fact.


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