The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – July 2015

End of the month so, of course, it’s time for the monthly round up for the blog, along with the awarding of the Puzzly, the Book Of The Month. The winner gets to be the background of my blog for the next month, provided WordPress doesn’t have another brain-fart and decide to remove it.

And it’s been a busy month for me – not with work, but with reading. If you count the three novellas as one book, then it’s a grand total of twenty three books this month. But only eighteen have been reviewed, so we’ll count the other five for August…

So the books were:

Childs Play 2It’s pretty difficult to pick one to be honest. Despite the quantity, not much leapt out as being ahead of the pack. And not much stood out as being behind the pack – it’s been a very solid month for quality. What Bloody Man Is That? is probably the best Charles Paris book that I’ve read to date, Chef Maurice made a great second showing as well and obviously The Templar’s Penance comes under consideration due to that annoyingly persistent high quality of Michael Jecks’ Templar series – note the new version of the index page, prompted by Michael tweeting about it despite it being unfinished and neglected for the best part of two years! Oh, there’s a Paul Halter index as well now. Oh, and do take a look at the two Severn House books, The Tears Of Angels and The White Shepherd – both excellent new authors to me that I look forward to hearing more from. But I think a latecomer took the title, the excellent Child’s Play by Reginald Hill, not just for the involving mystery but for the quality of writing. It’s certainly inspired me to return to the series after many, many years so for that, it gets the Puzzly for July 2015.

Next month, there’ll be reviews of Peter Lovesey, Peter Tremayne, Colin Dexter, Dolores Gordon-Smith and Chris Simms (as I’ve already read these), along with books from the other five members of the Murder Squad (Martin Edwards, Kate Ellis, Ann Cleeves, Margaret Murphy & Cath Staincliffe, along with the aforementioned Chris Simms). I’ve been asked to review a book of short stories from them and so it seemed polite to take a look at some of their novels. And yes, there are a couple of Martin and Kate’s books that I haven’t reviewed yet…


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