A Perfect Match by Jill McGown

A Perfect MatchDetective Inspector Lloyd and Detective Sergeant Judy Hill face their first case together. A woman has been found murdered in a boathouse, and the main suspect, who escorted her away from a party is missing, presumed guilty. An open and shut case but there are questions that the chief suspects’ guilt just won’t quite answer. There was no sign of sexual assault on the victim – so why was she naked? And when her clothes are found, why was her underwear and her outer clothing found in different places?

With only a small circle of suspects, it seems that no solution makes any sense – the time of death and the fingerprints – or lack of them – at the scene seem to alibi every suspect. Can Lloyd or Hill find the truth about what happened – or will a cunning murderer escape justice?

After reviewing the second book in the Lloyd and Hill series, Murder At The Old Vicarage aka Redemption, I’ve gone back to the first in the series (which Bello Books were nice enough to send me). It was written in 1983, five years before the second book, and there are a lot of similarities in structure. A surprisingly small circle of suspects, a well-clued mystery and a Christie-esque misconception that turns everything on its head – what else could you ask for?

As with the next book, the small circle of suspects means that you get to know the characters well. The Lloyd-Hill relationship is established nicely without getting in the way of the plot and it leaves you wanting to read more about the couple. I think the second book is a little more satisfying, but this is still a strong entry into a promising series. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait five years for the next one – the entire series of thirteen books is available as reprints from Bello. The series has intrigued me enough to buy the next in the series, and the review will be along soon.

In the meantime, this is Highly Recommended.


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