The Best Miss Marple Novel – Round One

So we’ve discovered what the best Hercule Poirot novel is – not much of a surprise really, although the overall results threw up a few surprises. So the obvious next step is the best Miss Marple novel. Twelve to choose from, so a different format this time. I’ve drawn the twelve books into four groups of three, seeded this time not on date of writing but on that most random of rankings, the Goodreads rating (with a whiff of randomness thrown in). The top two from each pool will go into a knock-out phase. It’ll be obvious as it goes along.

So, without further ado, here’s the first round of voting – just click your favourite from each group. You’ve got until the end of Sunday (ish)…

Group A – as with all tournaments, there’s a Group Of Death and this is probably it.

Group B

Group C

Group D

Enjoy! There might be a few extra bits and bobs along the way – such as the favourite visual incarnation of our sleuthing spinster…


  1. I’ve enjoyed these polls. One for the non-series Christie books* might work, as there are a large number of those and several classics in their own right. I’d venture that those books are are still pretty widely read too.
    *you could probably include the Tommy and Tuppence books as well, for simplicity’s sake.


  2. This one will be much easier for me. I like so few of the Marple books. HA! That Poirot contest had me deliberating over my choices and finally I decided to choose counter-intuitively and voted more often than not for books I felt deserved more recognition. Always rooting for the underdog that’s me. Even a book!


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