The Best Miss Marple Novel – The Final

And now it’s time for the Grand Final to decide the Best Miss Marple Novel Ever! Twelve novels fought together in the opening group stages, the quarter-finals and the semi-finals – and now it’s time for the final! And a bonus poll too!

So, first of all, the results of the semi-finals

SF1 – A Murder Is Announced vs 4:50 From Paddington

Was there any doubt? Really? Nearly 4:1 in favour of A Murder Is Announced – so it’s going forward to face…

SF2 – The Murder At The Vicarage vs The Moving Finger

Much, much closer – only two votes out of sixty two in it… and the winner is The Moving Finger! Despite coming second to the 4:50 From Paddington in the group stage (which I still don’t understand), it’s in the final.

So time to vote in the final. Two books enter – one book wins!

Bonus Miss Marple poll now. I didn’t bother with this for Poirot, as one performance dominates all of the others. But there are several memorable Miss Marples – so let’s see who’s your favourite?

While you muse over that, apparently the “young Miss Marple” idea is back on, being developed by CBS – apparently it’s about a crime-solving book-shop worker in California… So WTF call it Miss Marple? Oh dear…

OK, these polls will run until Tuesday 6pm-ish. The results of the Non-Series poll will be along later today…


  1. “Despite coming second to the 4:50 From Paddington in the group stage (which I still don’t understand),…….”
    Well, never underestimate the readers’ inconsistency ! 🙂


  2. Well, it’s clear your readers are a discerning and intelligent bunch! The best Miss Marple has always been obvious (and it’s fine if this differs from a person’s favorite, although for once my favorite and the best are one and the same), but for FINGER to make it this far shows that you’re dealing with a very classy group!

    Now, it seems that the best Miss Marple performance can only go one way if we are to maintain our reputation for knowing whereof we speak! We shall see . . .


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