The Bodies From The Library 2016 – Preview

Just thought I’d give a heads-up for the rapidly upcoming Bodies From The Library conference in London. It’s on Saturday June 11th at the British Library – full details are available on their own website, especially how to get free tickets. Note that last year, every guest got free books that virtually covered their entrance fee, so if you intend to buy any British Library Crime books anyway, why not get a free talk out of it? (NB: Can’t guarantee the freebies this time)

The speakers from Bodies 2015
The speakers from Bodies 2015

Anyway, who’s talking this year?

Well, The Detection Club – not sure which members, but I’ll wager Martin Edwards will be involved – will be talking about the follow-up to The Floating Admiral, namely The Sinking Admiral, followed by Tony Medawar on Anthony Berkely, Jennifer Morag Henderson on Josephine Tey, Susan Moody and Len Tyler on Georgette Heyer and Philip MacDonald, Rob Davies and Martin Edwards on the British Library range, Stella Duffy on Theatricality in Ngaio Marsh, David Brawn and John Curran on the Collins Crime Club, Barry Pike on H C Bailey and Dolores Gordon-Smith on G K Chesterton. The panel will also be discussing adaptations of Golden Age novels.

And of course, I’m perfectly happy to sign laminated copies of my favourite reviews for a small charge – provided you bring along the laminated copy yourself.

Anyway, just thought I’d remind people that this is happening soon – I’ve got a little bit of reading to do, having read one from most of the authors mentioned.

It might be nice if the blogging community could meet up – I think that Kate from Cross Examing Crime, Rich from Past Offences and JJ from The Invisible Event will be going. Anybody else?



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