The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – August 2016

Right, that’s August out of the way, so it’s back to work for me.

August was an odd month, only ten books for a reason that I can’t really put my finger on. It’s actually thirteen, but I read two on the last day of the month and didn’t have time to write the review, and Peter Bartram scheduled my stop on the Stop Press Murder blog tour on 1st September, so that’s going to count for next month too.

Despite this, the blog’s been busy, with three film reviews (and could the people who keep sending me emails concerning marketing their superhero sh*te, please sod off – just read the rest of the blog and work out if I want to sell Captain America underpants) and, most importantly to me, interviews with two of the writers who will automatically make it into any “Top Five Writers” post, regardless of what mood I’m in when I write the list – Michael Jecks and Paul Doherty.

But you’re here for the Puzzly – what on earth could it be?

The books in question were:

Dark SerpentWell, this one’s pretty easy. There’s some good reads here – in most months, Steve, Michael, Jeffrey or Kate could have walked off with the Puzzly, but Paul Doherty wins it easily for Dark Serpent. I’ll admit it, dedicating a book to me does give you bonus points when it comes to getting the Puzzly. Cheers, Paul!

OK, be here next month (OK, this is a day or so later, so this month, technically) to see if I can finish 20 Books Of Summer by the deadline, to hear about at least one stunning read (one of the ones that I read yesterday) and more of the usual general waffle.

Oh, and if you’re one of my new readers from Russia, Belarus, Armenia or Ukraine, thanks to this post (it’s safe – I think), then Добро пожаловать! (Hope that’s right…)

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