The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month October 2016

puzzly-oct-2016So, October is all-but-over, leaving just Hallowe’en, that most tiresome of “holidays”, to survive. According to the National Retail Federation in 2015, the average American spent $74.34 per person on Hallowe’en stuff, making $6.9 billion in total. Imagine what could be done if just for one year that money was funnelled to good causes instead! Or even just the estimated $350 million that was spent on costumes for their pets!!! Imagine – with that money, I could almost get a complete collection of John Rhode books…

Just nine books this month – been extra busy at work and suchlike – but the blog turned 1000. The competition seems to have been a bit more challenging than last time, thank goodness, so next time I stumble across a cheap duplicate rarity, there might be another one… But don’t hold your breath.

Those nine books were:

the-plague-roadThe SeekerBook of the Month? Well, Shot At Dawn would be in with a shout if Peril At Cranbury Hall hadn’t a) won it last month and b) been a bit better – that one’s the benchmark now for Rhode books, I think. So it comes down to the two seventeenth century outings, The Seeker and The Plague Road. They’re very different books so it’s very hard to separate them – so I won’t. Congrats to both and there’ll be more from S G Maclean on the blog very, very soon.

Next month on the blog, I’ll try and catch up on yet more promised reviews. Fingers crossed…


  1. Congratulations on your thousandth post, P.D.! (Well, now it’s 1002 or so, isn’t it? I’ve had a bear of a work month , too!) I share your antipathy for Halloween, so I’ll be glad when it’s November! Looking forward to your take on The Poisoned Chocolates Case. My copy is currently winging its way here. I want to read those extra solutions! 🙂


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