The Bodies From The Library 2017 – Preview

Just thought I’d drop a quick plug for the Bodies From The Library conference for 2017. Not that I’m in any way part of it, just an interested party, but this is has been a first rate event for the past couple of years – here are my reports from 2015 and 2016 – and I’ve every confidence that it will be so this year.

The event is on Saturday 17th June at the British Library and kicks off at 10 am. The British Library, by the way, is a stone’s throw from Euston and King’s Cross, so if you’re from the North of England, it’s a very handy location indeed.

The talks kick off with friends-of-the-blog Martin Edwards and Len Tyler along with never-met-the-blog-but-probably-very-nice-people Seona Ford and Jake Kerridge talking about The Continuing Popularity Of The Golden Age (I’m guessing that they’re all in favour of it). After that, Tony Medawar looks at The Life And Works of Miles Burton/John Rhode, which obviously, I’m rather interested in. Interesting that Burton gets the top billing, but as Death In The Tunnel and The Secret Of High Eldersham are available as British Library reprints, it’s not much of a surprise really. Good luck finding Murder Of A Chemist and The Fourth Bomb from his suggested reading list though…

After that, Professor Kirsten Saxton will talk about Lois Austen-Leigh’s The Incredible Crime. Seems a little unfair that she’s got thirty minutes to talk about one book, while Tony has to fit 130-plus into the same time-frame, but them’s the breaks, I guess. Following that, Dr John Curran will discuss Clues and Corpses – no idea what that’s about, but I’m guessing Dame Agatha may well feature in it – and then Martin Edwards makes a return to plug, ahem, discuss his new non-fiction title, The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books. Bet Brian Flynn doesn’t get a mention…

Anyway, after lunch, and a classic radio play, Christine Poulson and another-friend-of-the-blog Sarah Ward will discuss Neglected Queens Of Crime, namely Ethel Lina White and Elizabeth Daly – the first time an American author will be discussed at the conference. Then Dr David Whittle will discuss Murder and Music in the life of Edmund Crispin, followed by Dolores Gordon-Smith discussing Ronald Knox: Father of the “Detective Decalogue” – something that I’ve said a thing or two about.

That all gets finished off with a panel discussion of “Desert Island Golden Age book” and then the awarding of the CWA Dagger In The Library. And then a drinks reception…

So, if you’re interested, pop over to the website and book now. If you need a little extra incentive, you normally get some free books when you arrive, which is nice. And again, if anyone wants a printout of your favourite review signed by your favourite blogger, then JJ, Rich and Kate are probably going to be there again this year…


  1. It would be almost unbearably cliched if an avid Golden Age mystery novel blogger gets murdered during the conference, in a locked room, notwithstanding…!


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