The Crime Coast by Elizabeth Gill

Paul Ashby’s plans for a holiday to the south of France are derailed when he is asked by the elderly Major Kent to locate Kent’s son, Adrian, who has gone missing. Adrian is under suspicion of murdering the Signora Luela da Costa who he was involved with. As Ashby arrives, he encounters a collection of artists, con men, jewel thieves and potential murderers.

Falling in with the artist and amateur sleuth Benvenuto Brown, Ashby finds himself in pursuit of the Argentine playboy de Najera. But while de Najera is clearly up to something, was he the murderer of da Costa? Or is something else going on?

Just a quick review of this one, as I read it over a week ago and the memory is fading a little. It’s a charming read, one of three books from Gill reissued by the lovely folks at Dean St Press. It’s a highly readable, hugely enjoyable book, reading for the most part as a thriller rather than a mystery, but there’s a hugely satisfying finale that is, I think, fairly set up.

Sorry this is a little short, but don’t let that put you off. This is well worth your time and I look forward to checking out the other two books from Gill in the future. Highly Recommended.


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