A New Challenge – Martin Edwards’ 100 Books

Well, it looks like my attempt at 20 Books Of Summer has kind of fizzled out. In the period in question I’ve read thirty five-ish books, just not the twenty books I announced that I was going to read. I’ve only read nine of those – whoops – but I’ll try and squeeze another in to make it at least 50% of the challenge. But I think it’s time to start a longer term project…

You can blame FictionFan for this one – another of we bloggers who keeps their real names to themselves – and their recent post concerning Martin Edwards’ The Story Of Classic Crime in 100 Books. FictionFan has decided to have a go at all… erm, 102 books detailed Martin’s opus. And then after a brief exchange of comments, I thought, what the hell? I’m going to have a go too.

Now I do think it’s important not to list the books to be read – one of the charms of the book is which books have been chosen – but what I’ll do is list the books that I’ve read and reviewed, along with their categories. When I get round to it, I’ll set up a page to detail the progress so far.

So far, I’ve already reviewed the following, from the following categories.

The Great Detectives

“Play Up! Play Up! and Play The Game!”

Miraculous Murders

Serpents In Eden

Murder At The Manor

Making Fun Of Murder

Scientific Enquiries

The Long Arm Of The Law

The Justice Game

Multiplying Murders

Across The Atlantic

The Way Ahead

So that’s 18 already out of 102 – honest, I’ve double-checked, there’s 102 books here – let’s see how we get on with this. I’m not setting an end date for this, as there’s every chance the sun’s going to explode before I can find some of these titles in an affordable way, but I’m going to try and do at least one a month. Shouldn’t take too long then…

Wish me luck!


    • Will do. It’s going to be the last quarter or so that are going to be a problem, I think – but once I get a good way into the list, I’ll start to collate reviews for the remainder.

      As I said when I reviewed the book, it’s a bit of an odd list. There’s some classics that I couldn’t stand – Some Must Watch for example – and one or two – The Z Murders, for example – that really shouldn’t be on any such list, especially being put side by side with The ABC Murders, X v Rex and Eastrepps.

      Still, let’s see how things go


  1. Wow that is quite the challenge! Least you’ve got a head start on it. If we’re going off the titles mentioned in the contents pages I’ve read 47 of them I think. Not reviewed all 47 of course. Some of those titles are quite hard to get a hold of so I’ll be interested to see how you track them down.


    • I’m going to start with the easy ones – I’ve got a few on my shelf and I’ve just order the Hammett and the Symons which exist in cheap copies. Let’s be honest, this is a long term plan…


  2. Wishing you good luck on this one, PD. And if you do finish all those books, you can go back and start working on all the OTHER classic books that Martin mentions in his main articles…

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  3. Not that you were lacking in any challenges for yourself… Good luck with this, it does sound great!
    I also had to laugh at the idea that you did read more than twenty books this summer, just not the ones you had planned. Same thing always applies to me, which is why I didn’t do it this year!


  4. Haha – sorry for tempting you! It should be great fun though, and you’re off to a great start already. I’ve checked the whole list now and about 80 or so seem to be readily available, so fingers crossed at least some of the rest will have been published by the time by the time we run out of those. Thanks for the mention and the link – I look forward to reading your reviews… 😀


  5. How is the challenge going? Just purchased the book and I have read only six. Would love to read all of them!


  6. One of the books I was most happy to see him list was A Pin to See the Peepshow, by Jesse. This is one of my real favourites. ( It is not a clued mystery.) I actually had a first edition, but I leant it and it got lost 😦
    Edward’s book is quite fun because he recommends a lot of stuff I have never come across, and is spoiler free.

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