Competition Time – Win John Rhode!

Well, Christmas is on the way, and I thought it was time for another competition. I promised one a while ago, and here it is. And it’s got a pretty decent prize, too.

I’ve just managed to get my hands on a cheap copy of The House On Tollard Ridge by John Rhode, one of the two titles by the blog-favourite that was released as a Green Penguin and one of his best, and I’m willing to send it on to you, dear reader, provided you can complete this little puzzle…

See, nothing to worry about, it’s just a word search. Nothing tricky about that at all.

Oh, the words you have to find – simple really, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while. Every word in the grid is one that has occurred in the titles of at least five books or audiobooks that I’ve reviewed. Needless to say, I’ve not included pronouns or connective words like AND and THE. There are forty-one words in total. Never let it be said that I’m not helpful… And there’s only seven years-worth of posts – nearly 1200 (1197 including this one) – to check, if that helps. Probably not.

And when you’ve done that, there will be between five and fifteen squares that haven’t been used. If you take the letters in those squares and unscramble them, then you should get a single word. All you then have to do is to email me – – with the word and any book that I’ve reviewed this year that the word could be connected to…

I’m not doing this as a first-come, first-served competition, so DON’T PUT THE ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS! If you don’t want to email me, then don’t enter. Simple. Instead, I’ll give you two weeks – the deadline will be midnight GMT December 24th. Yup, while I can’t get the book to you for Christmas, I’ll email you on Christmas Day if you’re the winner – the next best thing. If I get more than one correct solution, then I will pick the winner at random. The competition is open to anyone in the world, but be prepared for slow delivery if you live somewhere with expensive postage.

Happy Puzzling.

UPDATE: With no correct answers yet, I’ll add a couple of clues. 1) It is (sort of) a name and 2) I have used it incorrectly at least three times so far this year…


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