The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – November 2018

Going to have to be brief this month, which is a bonus as I didn’t manage to read much – just seven books. I blame these:

As I now need reading glasses, reading while multi-tasking is becoming a little more challenging. But hopefully I’m getting used to them now so things should get back up to speed in the future.

Most of the books in question were part of my Countdown to my 1000th review (and indeed my 1000th review itself) but which of these gets the Puzzly this month?

The books in question (with a short comment that usual) were:

So the Puzzly this month goes (rather easily) to the latest from Anthony Horowitz, that rather wonderful The Sentence Is Death, a properly clued, hugely entertaining page-turner.

Next month, a bunch of new releases – hopefully more than seven – as I try and adjust my reading habits to compensate for my specs. First off is another classic detection homage from Dolores Gordon-Smith, Forgotten Murder.

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  1. Yeah, eyesight issues for me too, a big floater. It is diminishing but slowed ny reading horribly for months.
    Of course the obvious explanation is that the scales have not fallen from your eyes – I cite the Hammett as evidence!
    Do try The Thin Man. Radically different kind of book. Obviously a key influence on Q. Patrick Quentin-Stagge.

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