The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – February 2019

Urgh. I’m feeling completely stuffed up with cold at the moment, and concentration is in short supply. Looks like I managed to write the last post without too much rambling, but I am going to keep this one short. It’s book of the month time, with ten books to take a quick re-look at to decide who’s going to get this month’s Puzzly.

Last month, we also had a Film Of The Month, so why not do it again? Who needs the Oscars? Anyway the film of the month is the same as last month, the massively overlooked Mary Poppins Returns (as I went to see it again). It is rather wonderful.

But back to the books – they were:

Not a bad haul for the shortest month, but which takes home the Puzzly? Well, The Taking Of Annie Thorne and Never Tell would have come close, but Kate really outdid herself with Dead Man’s Lane. I was a little concerned that with the Albert Lincoln trilogy being some of her finest work, that the Wesley Peterson series might suffer, but this is one of the finest books in the series to date. So yet another Puzzly to Kate Ellis – congratulations.


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