I Know Who You Are (2019) by Alice Feeney

Aimee Sinclair is an up and coming actress, but her adoring public have no idea of the secrets she hides about her past life. But her past and present look like they may collide as her world turns upside down.

Her husband, Ben, who she wasn’t on best of terms with, to say the least, disappears, leaving a message – “Sorry”. But when she reports it to the police, there seem to be problems with her story. Why can she not produce any photographs of her husband, for example? But keeping the secrets of her past may well end up condemning her in the present. Someone, it seems, knows exactly who Aimee Sinclair really is, and is determined to punish her…

Another quick review due to the Flynn project. This is the second book from Alice Feeney, another standalone thriller following the highly enjoyable Sometimes I Lie. The narrative is split between past and present, with a change in narrator for one of the sections when we hit the halfway point. The previous book was full of twists and surprises and this one is similar.

The book kept me hooked, with a number of surprises in store for the reader, definitely a superior example of the modern day psychological thriller/unreliable narrator. While obviously when reading such a book, one has to put believability to one side at times, but there are a couple of things that some readers might find hard to swallow. One of them is whether Aimee would not have noticed… something – fair enough, Dame Agatha herself did something even more extreme – but the narrative trick that seems to have been done by the perpetrator in order to fool someone reading about it was a little too tricksy for me.

A page-turning read, with an extremely dark ending, but not as strong as Sometimes I Lie.


  1. “One of them is whether Aimee would not have noticed… something – fair enough, Dame Agatha herself did something even more extreme ”
    Well, those who are very familiar with Agatha Christie novels would know what you are talking about !


    • Agatha tried many tricks that beggared belief. You may guess which one I am referring to, but it is only a guess, and saying that she did something worse implies this is not the same trick, it merely shares similarities.


      • Your words “would not have noticed” gives a hint . Yes, Christie tried many tricks but this was the weakest.

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  2. I started reading this book, but couldn’t continue beyond 25% and returned the book for a refund..


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