A Sneak Peek…

Just in case you didn’t believe me when I mentioned it in this post

the billiard-room mystery1311661536615536793..jpg

October 2019 from Dean Street Press.


  1. Thank you for tirelessly beating the drum for Brian Flynn! I look forward to finally sampling him for myself and particularly the two titles you marked as long-lost classics. More importantly, these first ten reprints immediately knocks some titles off my impossible crime wish list. What more can you ask for?


    • I presume the impossible crime list includes The Case Of The Black Twenty Two, Invisible Death and Murder En Route. Trying to remember which two I marked as long lost classics -The Mystery Of The Peacock’s Eye, certainly. Was it Murders Near Mapleton or Creeping Jenny? Or Invisible Death? Or Murder En Route?


      • You hailed The Mystery of the Peacock’s Eye and Murders Near Mapleton as long-lost classics, but Murder En Route and Invisible Death also have my attention. I’ll probably review three of them, back-to-back, when they become available. Yes, this is going to be another Paul Doherty situation.


  2. After you got me interested in an author I had never heard before, I have been able to trace and read 3 of his books out of which 2 are from this set of 10. Looking forward to the rest 8 in October. Your challenge will be to get Dean Street Press to trace and publish all 54 titles. 😊


    • Great to have another convert – but the challenge primarily is to find the missing titles before reprinting the rest can even be mooted. There are still five or so that I have never seen anywhere… but I have a couple of ideas


    • The Triple Bite is one that I have yet to read. Hopefully I’ll see it in time to write an introduction for it, but the priority is to get it ready for publication. I’ll be reviewing it when the re-release is imminent.


  3. Dean Street Press has uploaded the 10 covers on Amazon India and given the date of release as 7th October 2019. 🙂


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