Now in general, this blog is an advert free zone. I do get requests on occasion to promote something or other, sometimes even mystery fiction related and I say no – or ignore the request if there’s no sign that they’ve even read the blog in the first place.

This is different. First off, Kate hasn’t asked me to repost this. Second of all – any self-respecting crime fiction fan (based in the U.K.) is going to want this. So read on…


Yes, you read that blog post title correctly. At long last there is an advent calendar designed for the lover of classic crime and detective fiction. I’ve been ruminating on this idea for quite some time and have used many a friend as a sound board for fine tuning the product. Much thanks to those people. But the day has finally arrived for it to be launched! And yes, I am a little bit excited!

Each advent calendar will contain:

  • 12 Books (Preloved but in good condition. I have a wide variety of titles in various imprints.)
  • 8 Chocolate Treats
  • 4 Mystery themed gifts

Each item will have a mystery themed tag attached which shows which day it is be opened or consumed. Gift it to a friend or better still treat yourself to a Christmas of classic crime!

If this sounds like your dream come true, then here is…

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