The Art School Murders (1943) by Moray Dalton

At Morosini’s art school, all is not well – and not just because of the war currently raging. An artists’ model, Althea Greville, was hardly a model of gentility, but did she deserve to be murdered? Well, that’s what has happened as she is found dead in the school in a pool of her own blood.

Inspector Hugh Collier arrives but is too late to stop the murderer from striking again. And again. Can Collier track down a ruthless killer, determined to kill and kill again to protect themselves?

My apologies. As you may have noticed, things aren’t exactly normal at the moment, and blogging hasn’t been a priority. I read this over a week ago but trying to keep life running as close to normal as possible has been tough, so writing about this one hasn’t been high on my to-do list.

Nothing to do with the book – it’s a gripping read. Dalton is a strong writer, creating a good cast of characters/suspects and an interesting setting for the crimes. Admittedly, there aren’t a vast amount of clues pointing to the murderer, with Collier seeming to come across the killer as they are committing another crime and then claiming that he knew it all along. But, like the other Dalton titles reissued by Dean Street Press, this is a strong title that never deserved to be lost for so long. And, as it’s a pittance on ebook, why not take a look?

I’m going to try and keep normal service going on the blog, but there’s every chance that the number of reviews will either drop through the floor or go through the roof. Who knows? But best wishes to all of you and your loved ones out there – stay safe, be sensible and don’t stockpile toilet roll.


  1. No one will find any fault with you if you take time for yourself, for your physical health as well as to de-stress. Think how awful we’d feel if we lost you because you felt you needed to keep this site current. Take a nap. Sneak out and buy groceries if you haven’t already. Buy extra ice cream. And white wine.

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    • Many thanks. At the moment, my physical health is fine, but with many understandable distraction, reading is a little tricky at time. Fingers crossed there’s not too much disruption.


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