The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – August 2020

So August has passed us by, and a return to school beckons. Thankfully, my school is doing everything within reason to protect us teachers, but I’ll admite, it’s an anxious time for us teachers. Whether that’s going to translate to me reading more or reading less, I don’t know. So if the blog goes quiet for a period of time, it’ll probably be due to a lack of concentration, nothing more. Hopefully…

So, my August reading consisted of sixteen books, two of which I’ll get round to reviewing soon. But it also was a month of some very well reviewed new releases. A month in which I find that my thoughts on some books simply don’t align with the masses. But more on that later…

The books in question were:

Book of the Month – I thought it would be a tricky one. So much good word of mouth about two of the new releases but at the end of the day, they disappointed. Three of the new releases though, were outstanding. The Nothing Man is a cracking thriller, Hymn To Murder is an outstanding historical mystery (and he’s written over a hundred of these – is there any author so prolific whose work hadn’t waned by this point) but the winner of the Puzzly was an easy choice.

Moonflower Murders is simply brilliant. When I heard Anthony Horowitz was doing a sequel to Magpie Murders, I was dubious – it seemed a perfect one-off novel, with little scope for more. I was very, very wrong. If anything, Moonflower Murders is even better than the first book – it’s an amazing piece of work, a book that pays perfect homage to the Golden Age of detection twice over. And I had a lot of fun writing the review.

Next month, another book with excellent word of mouth – Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club. Should you believe the hype? Stay tuned…


  1. “Prisoners Base”, I have had for years and know it as “Out Goes She“. I recommend; “Some Buried Caesar“ or “The Doorbell Rang”


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