The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – September 2020

September is never a good month for my reading, and 2020 is no exception. To be honest, it’s been a pretty crappy month all round… general distraction lurks around every corner, people who can’t follow simple rules for the good of the many (I know there are plenty of complicated rules, but there are some simple ones too)… generally feeling pretty meh at the moment. If only there were some books coming out soon… you know, like ten long lost mystery classics from an author who was cruelly overlooked at the time but is now finding popularity in the modern age. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

But in the meantime, rather than looking forward (yay, mostly), let’s look back at September’s reading.

So, Book of the Month. Well, I’m making it a tie this month, as I can’t separate them. Yes, it’s two of my favourite authors, both friends of the blog., so no big surprises, but they produced exactly what I needed to read when things were feeling pretty crappy. Both books were a ray of sunshine that were a great demonstration of the power of a good book. And they are both damn good books – namely Death Comes Hot and Death Of A Shipbuilder. Congrats, Mike and Len. And thank you.

Next month, let’s try and get things back on track. Oh, and the rest of you – wear a mask and don’t be a selfish prat. It’s not hard…

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  1. I read The Thursday Murder Club and thought it was a good start to a series, which I hope the author intends to write. Also, have begun reading L.C. Tyler thanks to your reviews.

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