The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – November 2020

One month to go from this wonderful year. The end of 2020 couldn’t come soon enough – surely 2021 will be a bit brighter? Well, with a bit of luck, there will be some more Brian Flynn books heading your way, so you’ve got that to look forward to at least. And in case you missed the news, Dean Street Press will be also reprinting the ultra-rate Cecil Waye novels, books written by John Rhode/John Street/Miles Burton under yet another pen-name.

But we’re not there yet. We’ve got December to get through first – although my Coffee and Crime Advent Calendar will help with that. As I imagine you probably won’t have one, you can still have some Advent fun as I’ll be running a Guess-The-Book Advent game on Twitter – it’s @puzzledoctor, in case you weren’t aware.

But before we get to December, I need to take a look back at November and the books that I’ve reviewed and pick the Book of the Month. That’s what I’m here for after all…

Twelve books in total – not bad for November, and definitely not bad for this November. Oh, and a very strange comment or two on some posts, one new, one old. I’ll let you track those down, but it seems I have a new nickname. Which was nice. Anyway, the books:

So, Book of the Month? Hmmm… The Platinum Cat was an excellent piece of Golden Age Dection, as was Fatal Dose, but both of those aren’t going to be that easy to track down copies of. So if you want a book that you can get hold of, then it’s Fortune Favours The Dead or The Strange Case Of The Barrington Hills Vampire. But for sheer cleverness of a simple clue perfectly hidden in plain sight, then the Puzzly goes to Belton Cobb for Fatal Dose.


  1. So good to come across this. Belton Cobb was my grandfather and so it’s pleasing to know his books still bring pleasure. I have about 45 different books including ‘Fatal Dose’


    • I’ve read quite a few of his books now and enjoyed almost all of them – The Horrible Man In Heron’s Wood being the exception. Fatal Dose has one of the best pieces of deduction that I’ve read for a good while.


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