In GAD We Trust

Well, for those of you who have sat up at night, desperate to hear what my voice sounds like, the wait is over. My fellow blogger JJ, over at The Invisible Event, runs a superb podcast covering all aspects of the Golden Age. You should check it out, from wherever you get your podcasts from, or just stream it from JJ’s blog.

We had a very enjoyable chat about modern writers who use Golden Age ideas, structures and settings, and if you want to listen to it, then here is a link to JJ’s post on it, which contains the links to listen to it. Someone on that post asked for a list of the books mentioned in the chat – here is that list, although it’s by no means complete.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

Books Mentioned In The Podcast:

Martin Edwards:

  • All The Lonely People
  • Gallows Court

Dolores Gordon-Smith:

  • As If By Magic
  • The Chessman

James Scott Byrnside:

  • The Strange Case Of The Barrington Hills Vampire

Robert Thorogood:

  • The Marlow Murder Club

Paul Doherty:

  • The Nightingale Gallery
  • A Murder In Thebes
  • The Anger Of God (the book that I mention with loads of subplots but forgot to name)

Paul Halter:

  • The Demon Of Dartmoor
  • The Seventh Hypothesis
  • The Tiger’s Head (which JJ likes a lot more than me)
  • The White Lady (entertainly flawed)
  • The Picture From The Past
  • The Gold Watch
  • The Night Of The Wolf (Short Stories)
  • The Madman’s Room

Shin Honkaku Mysteries:

  • The Moai Island Puzzle by Alice Arisugawa
  • The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji
  • Murder In The Crooked House by Soji Shimada

Anthony Horowitz:

  • Magpie Murders
  • Moonflower Murders
  • The Word Is Murder
  • The Sentence Is Death

Victoria Dowd:

  • The Smart Woman’s Guide To Murder

Rob Reef:

  • Stableford On Golf

Sharna Jackson:

  • High Rise Mystery


  1. “Well, for those of you who have sat up at night, desperate to hear what my voice sounds like, the wait is over.”
    Well, people may also want to know what your face looks like! You tend to hide yourself in photos, either cutting off your head or showing only your back.
    By the way, I was able to locate two pictures of yourself (proper pictures showing your face) but with difficulty after using advanced search techniques !


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