The Bodies From The Library Conference 2021

You may well have been expecting my usual conference report from the Bodies In The Library get-together, but I haven’t done one. I can go one better.

Thanks to the Bodies team, I can go one better, and share this link with you. It’s five-plus hours on non-stop Golden Age stuff and nonsense, with experts such as Martin Edwards, Alison Joseph, Kate Ellis, Christine Poulson, Jim Noy, Moira Redmond, Len Tyler, Mark Green, Kate Jackson and Curtis Evans, along with host Jake Kerridge, sharing their wisdom with you. Oh, and some random chump shows up 2 hours and 54 minutes in to waffle on about the mighty Flynn…

I should thank again all of the technical team, as this was a near seamless event (apart from said chump’s Powerpoint not working for some reason) and an absolute joy. For those of you who have not attended before due to getting-to-London problems, sit back and enjoy – but feel free to skip ahead 30 minutes at aforementioned timeslot…


  1. Initially, I mistook another person (Jake Kerridge) for Jim Noy !
    And you need not have worried about which shirt to wear. Very little of it was showing ! 🙂

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