The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – August 2021

So, September is here. What’s changed? Not a lot, apart from a rising dread of school going back to normal when the rest of the world hasn’t. I’m double-vaccinated, so I know that IF I get IT, there’s a very low chance of it hitting me hard, but even so, as a teacher of 11 to 18 year-olds, I can’t claim not to be nervous about the whole thing.

And the TBR pile is growing a bit too. My apologies in advance for anyone who’s noticed me downloading their book from NetGalley and is anxiously awaiting the review – or even sent me a book. Sorry, but running a little behind at the moment, but I promise, no more Golden Age obscurities until I’m on top of things. Probably.

Anyway, what did I read in August and what was the best of the bunch?

Seventeen books in total, with my total bumped up by a couple of trips indulging myself in the Bodleian. Deep breath…

Well, apologies to Anthony Horowitz – any other month, A Line To Kill would have walked it (with The Stone Chamber and The Moorlands Murderers close behind) but as I said, the British Library has re-released Till Death Us Do Part this month, and it’s one of the finest mysteries ever written. So the Puzzly goes, posthumously, to the great John Dickson Carr for this masterpiece.

Next month, we’ve a bundle of historical titles, along with the new title from Richard Osman. Let’s face it, they’ll probably be some more John Rhode/Miles Burton titles too…

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